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Living in Singapore: Accommodation

This is a post interrupted. It intended to blog this after finishing up all the Malaysia Trip posts. In reality, I couldn’t wait that long. As everybody knows that I post 1 post per month. That means it may take from 1 to 3 months to come this post.
This post is about how I live in Singapore. One of the Singapore Hottest Bloggers, XX once made this kind of post. She wrote about her bedroom and emphasized her wardrobe. To make it clear, I DO NOT imitate on her posts. I made this post because I just want to let my friends, colleagues, relatives, and family how I’m doing in Singapore.
I was landed to Singapore on 28th of November, 2007. At that time, Aunty Ei, my family best friend who is residing Singapore almost 20 years, arranged a room for me. I stayed there for three and a half months and then I move to a new place. I don’t want to shear what made me ran away from that room. The only one thing I want to shear you is that I had a rare experience in Singapore.
Consequently, I moved to a…